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Ancla Warranty

Brand new Harpy Harps have a warranty of 1 year.



Tuning hardware, levers, arm, neck, sound box, electronic/electrical components.




This warranty does not cover the following:


1. Failures that are the result of improper operations, maintenance

or repair.

2. Failures that result from abnormal strain, neglect, modification,

accidental damage or exposure to extremes in temperature or relative humidity.

3. Products purchased from dealers not authorized by Harpy Harps USA to

sell our products.

4. Products whose trademark, logo, name, or identification numbers

have been altered or removed.

5. Failures traceable to repairs/modifications performed by any

one not authorized by Harpy Harps to perform such services.

6. Harps no longer owned by the original purchaser.

7. Normal wear including strings, eyelets, finish, accidental damage, and abuse.

8. Tone. Tone is based on the subjective perception of the listener.

This being the case, it cannot be guaranteed.



***Discounted or used harps are not covered in this warranty.

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