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Kiki Bello spent several years researching and acquiring knowledge about harp making. In May of 2015, after getting a bachelor’s degree in Music Business, Kiki started the creation of Harpy. A unique harp that has the “rock star” look. Kiki came to the realization that the best option was an Electric-Acoustic Harp, which can be played with or without a sound system. Since 2013, Kiki Bello has been mastering the performing of the electric harp as well as the acoustic harp and that’s how she came about the idea of Harpy.

Throughout the years of developing Harpy’s idea, Kiki Bello contacted the most prestigious harp manufacturers in the world to consider the possibility of collaborating in the making of Harpy. Without any luck, Kiki decided to create her own manufacturing company to make the Harp of her dreams: Harpy! A harp that anyone can afford and enjoy, a harp that will touch the hearts of millions of people.

In December of 2017, after experimenting with different drawings and ideas, Kiki and Jaime Bello created the initial design of Harpy®. Jaime along with computer scientist Pedro Bello-Maldonado from university of Illinois, developed a mathematical formula to create the perfect curve of Harpy’s neck. While working on the mathematical process that would make the look of Harpy®, Kiki made some semi-final adjustments on the “upper point” design of the Harp, which gave the look of Kiki’s personality.

In March of 2019 Jaime Bello and business entrepreneur Lily Scandiuzzi brought a capital investment to the company allowing machinery acquisitions for the manufacturing process. Soon after, the first official model of Harpy® was made. Kiki ran some recording tests and gave the final approval to start the production of Harpys.

Harpy was officially released on July 12th of 2019 with an Instagram post by famous Dominican singer Elvis Martinez. In a few hours the video reached more than 50,000 views.

Discover in Harpy Harps a comfortable and versatile electroacoustic instrument to perform from the most joyful Latin rhythms to the classic and beautiful Celtic sounds.


First Steps

How to care for my Harpy

Sound Amplification

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