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These are the most frequently asked questions from our clients

How are “Harpy Harps” amplified?

Harpy has a unique pickup system with a special distribution that allows high and low notes to sound at the same intensity. It is incorporated inside the harp and it is conducted to a ¼ plug to connect it to a sound system. 


Is Harpy acoustic or electric?


Both. Harpy can be played acoustically without a sound system. Harpy can also be played electric if connected to a speaker for a richer and louder sound.


Can Harpy be played without a sound system?


Yes, Harpy has a small sound box that projects enough sound to perform in front of a small crowd of up to 20 people.


What free accessories come with a harpy?


If you buy a Harpy, it will with a strap and a tuning key. 



What are the number of strings in each model?


Athena: 33 strings (from F1 to Bb33) 4.5 octaves

Artemis: 29 strings (from F1 to F29) 4 octaves

Isis: 22 strings (from F1 to F22) 3 octaves


What colors are available?


Gold, Silver, Black.


What finish is available?


The basic finish is a shiny paint with a light glitter effect. 




What are French Levers?  


Sharping levers are small mechanisms that are mounted near the top of each string and are designed to shorten the string length the exact amount necessary to raise the pitch a half step when the handle is lifted. Sharping levers enable easy key changes and the playing of accidentals within a piece of music. 


That means you can easily change the key of your harp, without having to do it manually with the tuning key.


Do the levers make the harp sound better?


The harp will sound the same with or without levers. The difference is, with levers you will change keys in a matter of seconds. Without levers, you will have to use your tuning key to change keys of the harp manually. It will take a few minutes.


What is chromatic? 


Chromatic simply means: with levers. Means that you can quickly change to all keys A,B,C,D,E,F,G. etc. 





Are there instructions on how to tune a harp?


Yes. Video coming!






What cable Harpy needs?


Harpy needs a 1/4 inch cable, so that you can connect it to your speaker or recording interface. 


Do you have straps that have pretty designs and colors on them to match the harp?


Yes. We have any color available for straps. Cost is $30 each.


What accessories are required to have?  


Tuning key and strap. We do recommend getting a stand, so your harp has safe support. 


What are Tuner & Cable?


Tuner and cable are necessary to tune up your harp, so it sounds good. If you don’t tune your harp, you won’t be able to hear back your desirable song that you are trying to play.


Do I need extra strings?


You can buy a full set to have back up strings available or you can buy single ones as they break. We recommend having extra strings handy. Strings can break unpredictably. Usually every few months depending on climate conditions. 

A Full Set should be changed at least once a year for a good quality of sound.



Do all of your models look the same?  


29 and 33 stringed harps look the same with a slight difference in size. 22 stringed harps are smaller and don't have the see through triangles.


Difference between Artemis, Athena, Isis:


Isis 22: strings (no see through triangles and no levers available on that one). 

Artemis: 29 strings

Athena 33: strings







How does the number of strings affect the sound?  


29 and 33 stringed harps are bigger, so the sound is louder. The 22 stringed harp is smaller so the sound is softer. 


If there are more strings, is the sound better?


Sound quality is equally good in all of the Harpy models.



Can you make your harp sound louder? 


Yes. If you use an amp or a sound system and you connect it with the 1/4 cable, it will sound as loud as the capacity of your speaker.

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