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A Harpy Harp is a strap-on electric-acoustic Harp. It is known for its light tension, light weight and amazing look. 


For Begginers


Harpy is the perfect Harp for beginners. It is small, light and affordable. The light tension allows beginners to adjust quickly in the learning process. 


For Latin Harpists


Harpy is the best choice for Latin American Harpists. Harpy’s light tension allows performers to play fast and effortless. Harpists can play Llanera music which requires speed and percussive techniques. You can also play latin rhythms such as Salsa, Cumbia, Latin Pop, Reggaeton, etc.

For Classical or Celtic Harpists 


You might experience a dramatic change on the tension of the strings. This is normal. Harpy is designed to offer a very light tension. This will help the health of your muscles and will prevent tendinitis in the future. The bass section has a 30% tension of the classical harp. You will be able to play effortless and you won’t need to plug the strings very strongly. 





To achieve a desired sound quality, you need a good sound system or speaker. The sound of a Harpy mostly relies on a good quality amp. Also, you need a good quality 1/4 inch cable to project a clear sound signal.


Recommended sound systems


  • Bose S1 


- Alto Uber FX


  • Bose L1 


  • Fender PA 375W 


Recommended Instrument Cables


Livewire Elite 


Roland Black 


Mogami Gold 



Recommended wireless microphone for Harpy


Shure PGXD14 








It is important to tune your harp regularly. On this link you’ll find a tutorial on how to tune your harp.


Harpy with Levers (Recommended to be tuned in Bb or Ab) 


Harpy without levers (Recommended to be tuned in F) 



Stand (tripod)


Having the harp on the stand is ideal to learn or practice. It also helps to keep your harp safe and secure when not playing. See tutorial on how to put the stand together and how to put the harp on the stand. 





You can strap the harp and play while moving, walking, dancing or jumping. This will allow you to connect better with your audience and to be free on stage. See tutorial on how to strap the harp on: 






Replacing a string


Don’t panic! It is normal if a string breaks. To prevent strings from breaking, don’t expose your harp to direct sunlight, extreme wind or rain. Keep it in a cool/dry place. To replace a string see link below: 


Temperature and Humidity


To prevent damage or string breaking, store your harp in a room temperature between 

(65-75 °F) and a humidity of 45-55%.


Flight Case


To travel safely bring the harp in the flight case. This allows maximum protection and will prevent any scratches or damages as long as it is handle with care. See link below:  



Pearl Finishing


Your harp might get dust from the environment. Use a cotton cloth and clean it gently.






Song Tutorials


Start learning the harp with simple songs!


Happy Birthday 

Twinkle Little Star 

Ode To Joy 



More Tutorials 





Brand new Harpy Harps have a warranty of 1 year.



Tuning hardware, levers, arm, neck, sound box, electronic/electrical components.




This warranty does not cover the following:


1. Failures that are the result of improper operations, maintenance

or repair.

2. Failures that result from abnormal strain, neglect, modification,

accidental damage or exposure to extremes in temperature or relative humidity.

3. Products purchased from dealers not authorized by Harpy Harps USA to

sell our products.

4. Products whose trademark, logo, name, or identification numbers

have been altered or removed.

5. Failures traceable to repairs/modifications performed by any

one not authorized by Harpy Harps to perform such services.

6. Harps no longer owned by the original purchaser.

7. Normal wear including strings, eyelets, finish, accidental damage, and abuse.

8. Tone. Tone is based on the subjective perception of the listener.

This being the case, it cannot be guaranteed.



***Discounted or used harps are not covered in this warranty.


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